Question for F type V8 S owners

I live on the Big island of Hawaii
The car below is for sale in Maui, we have no Jaguar dealer on the Big Island.
I have a relationship with a good independent shop, I have read some things on F types need Dealer service only is this true.?

Thoughts please, this is a Well maintained 2014 V8S
Am I better just keeping my 94 XJS 4.0 CONVT.

Mahalo Rob

Hi Rob,

Big caveat: I’m not a mechanic. Just another 2014 F-Type (3.0S) owner since new.

Not sure where that information came from. All modern cars are full of computers, so there’s that. But with a good OBDII reader/dongle you can read most diagnostic codes and reset the service light etc.

The F-Types share a lot of parts with other Jaguar models, including the engines. The convertible top is unique of course, but other than that…

That said, are you comfortable with the price? Over $40k seems steep. KBB indicates $30-35k for that car in that zip code.

I agree with you on price, but when you live in Hawaii you get used to paying extra, if I buy one on the mainland I save $5K and pay $4K in Shipping. I don’t like the color I do like the miles and service History. Have you had many issues ? Little stuff. Mine will stay in the Garage and go out on occasions. I read the early ones can have issues with water getting in the vents on the bonnet and corroding the injectors. I am very against Jag becoming an Electric car company. Mahalo Rob

No, the car’s been pretty reliable.

  • I had the battery die on me in the first year. Replaced on warranty.
  • The gas filler neck was too restrictive and was replaced as part of a recall. Also early on after I bought it.
  • The bypass valve in the exhaust system that opens up for more noise (and supposedly more go) failed and had to be replaced on warranty.
  • More recently the ground connection for the starter circuit (not the starter itself) got corroded, making the car impossible to start. Easy fix, but it took some looking to diagnose the problem.

That’s all I can remember off the top of my head.

Mine was used as a daily driver for the first three and a half years. Since then it’s mostly been used for fun. There are some twisty bits around here where I can surprise the bej****s out of motorcyclists who think they have fast machines.

As I recall, you have some nice twisty bits on the Big Island as well. Perfect F-Type country.

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