Questions about the Rim Spec

Hi dear friends, I’m going to need to change a set of rim of my 2003 XJR. The figure of the original rim shows: 18"x8" & 5x120mm. But the technician of the store told me that I need to looking at 18"x8" (or 8.5" will work) & bolt: 5x120.65mm (not 120mm). Now I’m confused what I shall go for, anyone can advise, thanks a lot!!

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Your 2003 XJR is a few generations newer than the Series I, II, and III saloons and coupes discussed on this list. I believe that your car is discussed on the X300 list.


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Jaguar switched to the FORD metric bolt pattern from the standard ‘Chevy’ 5 on 4 3/4" with the X350 model

All the previous sedans used the larger bolt pattern but the X200, X350, X400 etc. uses the metric Ford.

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FWIW my 1995 X300/XJR was 120.65mm

I’m pretty certain that’s true of the later 8-cylinder cars as well


I assume a canidan 2003 would be a x308 (old shape, not aluminium)

The milan wheels were 8.5" so that width should not be an issue