[racing] 4.2 Engine for Street racing

Sorry about the cross posting but here’s the question,
I have a 1983 vintage 4.2 injected engine from an XJ6 with an auto box which
I would like to transplane into an XJ6C also swaping the auto box for an
4speed with over drive Manual Box. Now hears were it gets interesting, I
understand about the need to transplant all the associated loom for the
injector system and fuel tanks and fuel lines ect which though far from
insignificant is not a real problem. but having done all of this oh yes and
added an AJ6 torque kit and Big Bore down pipe.
Are there any advantages/disadvantages over dumping the injector manifold
and installing twin 2" carbs on the larger valved ex-Injected head. in terms
of Power/Torque and Throttle Pedle Engine Reaction Time.
I’ll save the hadling questions for another day.

83 XJSIII 4.2 (Body Shot But engine Rebuilt last year Engine)
76 XJC SII 4.2 (Engine & Gearbox Shot but Body ect Good)

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