[racing] How much of the A/C system can be removed? Belt changes needed? B itumen sheeting removal tips?


I'm getting ready to have the interior & under hood "luxury" items

(including the A/C system) gutted out from my 94 XJS V-12 and wanted to ask
whether I need to locate new belts (does the XJS use the same belt for the
A/C as it does for the alternator etc?) beforehand. Or will there simply be
an unused pulley left over? Is this something that a regular service center
should be able to handle or should I just leave it for the performance shop
to do?

Also, while the sound deadening under the hood comes out easy

enough, is there a special trick to getting all the bitumen/tar sound
deadening mats out? When I did this years ago they were so firmly stuck on
you almost needed to chisel them out and removing them is one of the steps I
want to do on my own…

Lastly I'm adding a hood scoop that has forward & aft vents (forward

to direct cool air into the hood while moving, rear to allow hot air out
along the windshield leading edge) and was wondering if one of the forward
vents would be a good place to locate a cold air intake rather than running
a hose all the way to the front grill. Say perhaps an upward-facing bit of
pipe that mated to a slightly larger bezel that was attached to the hood
itself. The front vents are about 2-3" from the front line of the
bonnet/hood joint. While the air might get heated up a bit when at rest
traveling over the short bit of bonnet, at almost any forward speed I would
think the effect negligible. Does this sound workable?