[racing] Jaguar Corral, Monterey Motorsports Reunion -- a count

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Hi, all,

I am supposed to see whether we can guarantee 20 Jaguars in
our corral at the Monterey Historics this year, August 18-21

This will be a reserved Jaguar parking spot inside the track
track (always has been, anyway). The Jaguar Associates Group
Group and perhaps other nearby JCNA clubs will provide some form o
form of shade and refreshments for those attending. The corral
corrals have always been run on Saturday and Sunday, though I have
I have not been able to verify how we will run them this year.
year. I see that the event now says it runs Thursday throug
through Sunday.

In any case, I have been asked to determine whether we are like
likely to have 20 Jaguar members in attendance. If you have
have any inkling that you may want to participate, please PM m
PM me or post here, so I can get a count. No commitment, just
just an idea of a potential count of interested Jaguar owne

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