Radio code doesnt work

A few years ago a mechanic replaced my fuel pump but failed to jump the battery to prevent the radio from going into anti theft lockdown. I havent listened to it since but did get a radio code from a Jag dealer. However, it didnt work after trying many times. So I recently pulled the radio and got the serial number off the back, thinking the radio may have been replaced. I called Jaguar USA and was told they only went by the VIN, not the radio serial number, and gave me the same code which I tried again and it wont take it…just keeps going back to ‘code’ and ‘please wait’. So my question is, knowing that there is a way to bypass the code on some newer models, does anyone know of a way to bypass the code on a 2001 XK8?

I also thought of trying to contact the manufacturer but the radio only refers to “Jaguar” or “Denso”. I dont know if Denso manufactured the radio or just some part of it, or if Denso or Jaguar assigned the radio code. I may be stuck here with a radio I cant use. Does anyone have one for sale?