Radio dead - troubleshoot help needed

(Greg Heitman) #1

Hi all,

I have a 92 coupe with what I believe is an original jag radio, where the security light will flash but that is the only sign of life. I was told that means it is getting power but I do not know which wires to test or supply power to for testing. I do have a security code from the prior owner, but the radio had been removed from the car previously. Mis-matched screws holding it in.

Where would you begin? Assuming this is an original radio, with original wiring, what I should the troubleshooting process?

Thanks in advance.

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Have you tried plugging in the security code?

(Greg Heitman) #3

Since the radio is dead I do not get an opportunity to enter a code.

I have checked the power input wire and I get 0.6v at two of the 7 pins. I get nothing else on any other pin regardless of ignition key position.

The fuse has been checked. It’s good.

(Robin O'Connor) #4

Sorry I assumed with a flashing light it was just waiting for a code. Is there a relay in the circuit perhaps?

(Greg Heitman) #5

I went ahead and replaced the radio with an aftermarket. The wiring to my unit was all good. The unit was dead. Now I have Bluetooth and navigation through my phone so it turned out to be a good move.

(Robin O'Connor) #6

Good to hear the outcome, sometimes it is just the most expedient outcome to replace, BTDT with my XJ40 years ago after two OE units died.