Radio shorts out when shifting into drive

Radio will short out when moving the gear shift lever. Wiggle the lever the radio might come back on. Any suggestions?

Probably an OPEN not a ‘short’. (there is a difference)

No idea what mystery car you have but I remember some of the sedan models have a fused wire near the selector lever for the radio head unit.

Pull the console top and look for wires too close to moving parts.

I think the same.
Pull out the switch that locks the windows on the center console carefully, remove the screw first so you have a little access. Pull up the console (are there screws at the ash trays, I think so). Then (unplug the window switches, they pull out easily, maybe mark them but it is not that necessary), look at the wiring around the shift lever and if you’re lucky, there is an inline fuse. Also, while in there, check the grounds and if the transmission tunnel gets hot while driving throw in some foam insulation. Good luck! (And welcome!)

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Is this an original Jaguar radio or an aftermarket one? If this is an aftermarket one perhaps it is a problem with the wiring that was done when the replacement radio was installed.


S111 is the vehicle in question

The vehicle is a 1984 xj6 the radio is original. I have opened open the area around the shifter haven’t found the problem yet. Thanks for the help. This is the first time posting.

It is the original radio. Thanks

Thanks David.

Holding the shifter with door open and my leg on the metallic door sill I received a minor shock.

I have been on this list for almost 20 years and I don’t remember anyone ever mentioning getting an electrical shock like that. What is the history of your car, when did you get it, and what kind of work has been performed on it recently?


Most probably static electricity?

Open the bonnet and touch both battery terminals together, you will feel nothing: that shock has to do with static electricity (only possible other explanation could be that your engine ground strap is gone and it grounds via the shifter cable, but that will also not result in a shock because the shifter is grounded and you wouldn’t be the path of least resistance; after all, you can touch the engine and body while running without shock as well). I can look into the wiring colour, but it should be something that the shifter can move around. If not, I’m afraid you have to remove the radio and measure the connections.
It could also still be a ground wire (black) that is corroded or loose.

It was my mother’s car. It was very well maintain while she was alive. It has been in storage for a long time. Trying to bring it back into shape. I do appreciate all of the help I have found on this forum. You don’t get shock unless your leg is touching the bare metal plate in the door frame.

I vote for static. Moving on the seat begins it. Bare leg on steel completes it.

!2 v direct contact will not bite.

As to the radio, something is out of placed in the console. + or -_. hot or ground. But the fault might be in the radio itself or in the cavity behind it Movement of the shift lever merely activates it.

Welcome aboard. we use the term “electrickery”!!


Thanks the search is on

I remember when I was in Canada, in dry and very static winter, every time I would touch the handle of my Jeep to open the door, I would get zapped… an invention made from hell !!

Aristides, Static or the Jeep?


Strangely enough, Aristides - my Jaguar never zaps me, but my Toyota does! :slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

The Jeep was GREAT fun on the snow !!