Rare Churchill spring removal tool (compressor)


Very rare original Churchill (Jaguar) spring removal tool acquired in Australia some years ago. It was successfully used on both Jaguar Mk2 and XJ saloons and makes the difficult job of suspension spring removals easy (and even fun). Need to find a good home for it, offered at $500 plus shipping.

Truly one of a kind and special. Located in Waltham MA. Email info@krissmotors.com or call 646-535-7477

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Pardon me asking but what is so ‘special’ about that tool apart from the price? Obviously it’s not ‘one of a kind as it’s a standard catalog tool identical to the one in my very unspecial garage.

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I’m not sure why you even bothered to reply to this ad. If you have a Churchill tool, congratulations. Any Jaguar tool from the 1950s is special in my opinion due to its workmanship, design, and effectiveness. There are many imitation spring compressors on the market. This tool is the authentic version and it works as it should. If you can find another real one for less than $500, good for you. It took me over a year of searching to find this example in Australia some 6 years ago. Not sure what you mean by “standard catalog tool” … Churchill “catalog” listings have been unavailable for many decades.

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I’m planning to buy it myself tanks for the information :handshake::smiley:……

Very useful tool. I use mine at least once a decade. This is a year old post so I assume it is sold…. Just borrow one from Coventry Foundation or JCNA.

You need a two post lift to use this tool BTW. It’s very long.

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I got a loan tool from ken Jenkins U.K. :sunglasses:… I was only checking out can you buy one… thanks job is going well….

still available?

I have one if you want to PM.

If you are going to the IJF I could bring it.