Re connect dist cap

Depressing the plunger on the starting carb will not do it. The solenoid must pull up the plunger inside. This opens the passage from the starting carb to the intake manifold. Unless the anti-backfire valve is stuck closed due to old gummy fuel.

IF–you believe you have it all set up…timing, points, plugs firmly in ,wiring correct to firing order, fuel being delivered…then a start try with a quick start spray can be tried…don’t spray much…just a quick short burst,…and have a fire extinguisher a few steps away…(also a nice heavy towell to toss on a flare will quash…but still extinguisher near and ready. helps to have a second person standing by…do not push gas pedal…at all…until you are getting some kind of stumbling start and run. (don’t know what you mean by 3 degrees BTDC…normal timing is 5 or 7 before TDC…2 teeth or 2.5 or 3 teeth before.)

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I just issued a formal Cease Fire Notification to Jaguar with a duplicate to Lucas Ltd.Activity has ceased as 0900 today.Guerilla activity may persist for a while.Thanks to all who aided in the cause.Im sorry there are no funds for reparations available.

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Finally something I would have never found.As far as the distributor—a washer had slipped below the plate where the points are and was periodically shorting out things.Second the dash pot piston was getting caught on a slight bent in area.Both playing a role so symptoms were mixed.Also upgraded plugs.Running better than has in years.Also am adding some racing fuel with the 92 octane I burn.Couple of gallons will do per tank.Cost a lot but will try for a while.Thanks for all the input,sure learned a lot from you all.

Good news Cecil, glad to learn that it is now running as it should.


Well that was a hard thing to sort out, finally ! happy driving !! you don’t need the race fuel tho…92 will do just fine–: if you use the ethanol stuff, use up a tank before 2 months go by, you can add a lead substitute–but the XKs had hardened valve seats anyway…no harm to use a recommended amount. Lets see a photo of you in the car !!

Thanks.Will get a photo out next week some times.Learned a lot from you.

what do you think of electric power steering or some non hydro lid booster.Shoulders ain’t what they once was.

steering…: what tires are on your car? Hoping no older than 6-8 years max…if older, time to replace–that tire choice can make steering a little easier. Then–and now if good tires, inflate to 35 psi cold. That will make steering a little easier…, you will feel road bumps just a little more.
While watch TV–some arm exercises with those little sandbags will help? And some “Move Free” or similar. !!!


I have had such a thing a couple of times, once from defective points, once when I was young & fresh, its easy to put that little stack of wires and insulators back together incorrectly, also you had both an electrical, fuel (and air) delivery problem

Typical of an elderly patient, a few things wrong, has to keep going to the Dr,
needs minor surgery, physio etc

Lets hope you cured it, at least it didnt gave major organ failure :wink:

Complicated by lack of cerebral cortex,back pain and a bad attitude

Front tires are new 6 x16 radial.Front end aligned.I have 2 ruptured biceps tendons,complete right rotator cuff tear and I pulled something in my left shoulder yesterday in the Jag while doing a 3 point(actually) turn around to get out of a traffic jam.Sand bags are not in the program.I can handle it if its moving a little but yesterday there was no wiggle room.Im gonna tough it out for now.Move Free is in the picture.

A properly installed EZ Steer system is expensive, but it’s totally hidden between the back side of the dash and firewall. I’ve never heard a negative report about it. Those who have the EZ Steer system (not me) report that it totally transforms a heavy steering car.

Thanks.Expense is a problem because “somebody” is watching the Jaguar account.