Rear bumper Euro conversion

Beautiful car!
I really love it without the over riders, well done :slight_smile:

And so, I finally unwrapped the “one-piece S1 bumper” I bought 2 years ago and stored away… Well, it turns out that it is not what the seller said it was. It is just a good old Euro style S2 bumper, 3 pieces… Much ado about nothing. Thank you Mr “thejaguru”…

So I trial fitted the bumper and… the holes in the brackets fall about on inch away from threaded rods… Noone said this would be easy right? :slight_smile:

From memory, the rear mount is your fixed point and you adjust the slotted side brackets to fit. I would have thought a one piece bumper package would be markedly different to a blade and two side pieces. If it has been mailed in an ‘assembled’ state it may be bent/distorted?

It was shipped assembled as one piece, at great cost, all wrapped up. I opened the package today only… Ah well…

The rear brackets are welded to each side piece (it looks factory), there is no wiggle room, this is gonna be fun :slight_smile:

And i just detest these bulbous overiders…

The side brackts are fixed to the body vial slotted holes so the bracket itself can be adjusted for a fixed hole side piece.


I looks like you’ve got a SI three-piece bumper. It has the mounting brackets right behind the bumper.

SII three-piece bumpers sport a round mounting located about one inch underneath the bumper level and fitting over the bumper mountings:

(sorry, only conclusive pic I could find)

I’m very surprised though that Jaguar obviously changed an integral part like the bumper mountings from SI to SII.

Good luck


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May have been a result of the new legislation that also dictated bumper height and hideousness, the impact absorbers must have dictated the new position.


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I’m quite sure Jaguar did it gladly, Jochen - it was likely forced on them, as David implies…

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