Rear Driver's Glass (2005 Jaguar XJ8VP)

Need HELP with the rear driver’s window on my 05 XJ8. The glass will lower or rise only with repeated pushing of the window switch on the driver’s door and/or the door switch. When it moves, the glass will lower/rise about 5". I have keep using the switch(s) to make it go further! Again, movement is only about 5" each time. I am at a lost what is happening! This is what I have done:

  1. Used another motor.
  2. Replaced the driver’s door switch.
  3. Hard reset by removing neg on battery putting
    neg/pos together.
  4. Ran both motors detached from the regulator.
  5. Removed fuse for that door to maybe reset it.
  6. Tried the “global” closing/openning of the
    windows. The left rear does the same. Other
    windows and sunroof work perfectly.

Still no joy!

Any ideas? I have looked at the electrical schematic, but did not find anything!


No help from anyone, BUT the problem was the window motor! I was thinking it was odd my replacement motor was bad, but it was indeed. I bought a certified working motor;it now works perfectly! The motor has a computer board which sends signals for the motor to move the glass. I should try to repair the board!

Hope this will help others with same issue!

I find very few knowledgable people when problems arise with the X350/X351. I assume the reason is they are much more reliable than the previous generation (X308)!

I’m on Jaguar Forum, too, and find there’s more activity there for newer XJs.