Rear end thumping consisten with wheel speed


68 series 1.5 rear end thumping consistent with wheel speed. Louder with brake pressure
Any ideas on cause?

Start by looking for a u-joint gone bad.

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Check for a delaminating tyre.


Left rear brake disc reads eleven thousandths run out (wobble)
Is this sufficient to cause “thumping”??

I wouldn’t think so. But I’ve never measured the runout on mine - probably because I don’t need to go looking for trouble (it finds me).

If that was disc thickness variation then you would be feeling that through the brake pedal as a pulsation but you are reporting a thumping. Have you run your hands over the inside tyre wall and the tread surface? You are looking for a bulge.

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My guess is it is a tire issue. Try rotating the tires front to back and back to front and see what happens.

I have had thumping from stuck calipers. When the calipers get real hot and then you stop, one spot on the hot disk sits against the brake pads. The friction will be different there. How hot are your brakes after a drive? If one is really hot this is a dead giveaway of stuck calipers.