Rear main seal and starter top bolt

Hello everyone!
My mechanic friend can help me to replace the rear seal. I haven’t bought it yet. Is this what I need?

Also, while at it and the engine is tilted back, I wanna replace the starter top bolt. Made a mistake years ago by using a 12 point wrench and started to round off the corners. Does anyone know what size bolt I need?
Thank you.

Joe - not much help, but as I remember the bolt is the same size and thread as the lower one, just that it goes in from the back. Total PIA.

I just checked with Jag UK, part number is EAC4974
if you click through it looks like the OEM is a lot cheaper and AFAIK shipping is pretty quick too, worth checking out I’d say …
oh and the bolt is a couple of bucks from them too, FB110171J looks like it’s an M10 x 85mm but check for yourself maybe.

Thanks Larry!
I was able to remove the bottom starter bolt years ago so I’m just gonna take it to a hardware store to find another one.
Thanks for the link. There’s an OEM seal on ebay for $89.99+$7.80 shipping. That’s almost $100 for a simple round seal. Ouch!

39.82 pounds from the UK, that’s US$52 - shipping extra of course
Oh and the bolt looks like it’s longer than the bottom one so get the 85 mm one, you can always cut it if too long, eh?

Now that sounds better.

I just edited my post on the bolt Joe, hope you see it before you go shopping!

Yes, I did. I will check it before buying one.

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I ordered a rear main seal. GBP49.43, $65.11

Where from Joe? The jag dealer in the UK? That was the total incl shipping? Cool!

From Yeah, the price includes VAT and shipping.

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Don’t forget to make a video of the swap, OK? :sweat_smile: :laughing:

I’ll take some pics. No guaranties on the video.

I was only partially serious, difficult to do a video under there. Of course if i did a video of this job it would have to be rated “R” due to all the swearing!

I was swearing a lot before just didn’t record it. I even mentioned those “nice” engineers too.

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