Rear Seat Squab Removal on Series 2

Trying to take the rear seat back out. I have read archives and the manual and all say to remove the two screws at the bottom, check, and push up on the seat. It won’t budge. I can pull the lower edge away, so I know nothing is holding it on the bottom but it will not move when trying to slide it up. Part of the problem is finding a position, bodily, to exert any force. Is there some technique? Where are the attachments?

Eat more spinach Popeye! if a 65 year-old fart like me took that seat back out after thirty years, you should be able to do the same two years after me. Just grab at the bottom and push upwards in line with the angle of the seat back. The upper part kind ‘hooks’ over the edge of the parcel shelf IIRC. It’s the same principle on every XJ until at least 2003 AFAIK

I’ve not had a problem, like Pete. But my seatback is rusty. Perhaps with zero rust, the steel “hooks” fuse together. :slight_smile:

You might try standing outside the car and pulling up on the end of the seatback nearest the open door. That would “lever” the proximal “hook” against the one on the other side of the car. Alternate if required–might loosen it up. Reassemble with added rust so that you don’t have the problem again.

From one old fart to another, are you sure you didn’t tack weld that sucker in just for grins??

Maybe the seat rejuvenator and dye has stuck to cant rails by the shoulders of the backrest? You removed the cushion first and then found the screws at the bottom of the back rest that pass through two stiff wire loops, yes? Going from memory hear, but still…

There’s nothing behind the backrest though, so why do you want to take it out?

Yes, got bottom seat out OK and removed the back screws. I posted the question in case there was something else holding it in -didn’t want to force it for fear of breaking something. Since that’s not the case, I’ll go ahead and wail on it.
I want to treat the leather and soften it up a bit. Also there are a few ripped seams that need repair. Still too cold to do mechanical stuff outside. I’m going to take seats to my basement and work on them there.

Sounds like a plan. They were in my basement for about 6 months. I got the leather far better than was after decades of standing, but after about 3-4 conditioning sessions I went for the color coats. You may have more patience