Rear shock absorber availability


I’m new on this forum, my name is Reinhoud, I live in Tasmania.
I bought myself a XJ40 4.0 from 1990 to fix up, about 5 months ago.
Front axle is done, now I’m busy with the rear.

I’m after new shock absorbers for the rear, and this turned into a quite a challenge.

Apparently 3.6 doesn’t fit the 4.0, anyone knows what shokabsorbers will fit the 4.0?
I can’t find any useful info regarding this.
One seller states that the Monroe G55008 fits the 4.0, another says it’s for the 3.6.

Sachs and Boge aren’t available anymore, Monroe was the next on the list, but I can’t find anything for the 4.0. Anyone knows a manufacturing number for Monroe shock what fits a 4 liter?
Kyb isn’t one of my favorites, Bilstein is apparently pretty stiff.

Next challenge is that the seller who says he has shocks won’t ship to Australia.

Didn’t expect it was this diffucult to find shocks…


I confirm that Monroe G55008 works perfectly on my XJ40 1992 4.0 . I mounted then a month ago. Of course you have to check all the rear bushings that often are in bad conditions.


I’ll order them then…

Do they have about the same stiffness as the stock shocks? Or the Boge ones?

i bought the car recently and the previous shock absorbers where completely discharged. Monroe are of the same stiffness of the OEM shocks.

Ah, thank you.

I was hoping Monroe is about the same stiffness…

Hi I would contact Jagdaim in Melbourne see what they have