Rear Shock Absorber Drop Links

I went to replace the bushes in the links between the shock lever arm & axle. Bushes were worn but one side had an aftermarket link that was 1" shorter than the original. Are the links on the XK120 or another Jag the same or are there any good, cheaper aftermarket links I can use?

Welcome Dave.
By your profile, I assume you are asking about your Mark V.
Yes, Mark V links are exactly the same as XK120.
Also some Mark VII up to about 1955 I think.

Thank you Rob. Yes, they are for the Mk V. I’m thinking of going with the aftermarket replacements as they are much cheaper, look like they are up to the job & may be easier to install than the originals.

Here’s what I did to mine, drilled and tapped them and put large flat washers on so they won’t fall off on the road.


Thank you Rob, That’s what I intended to do if I replace with original parts. I don’t know why the factory did not do that as the bushes moving seems to be a common problem. I may end up using aftermarket drop links as the car will be a driver & while I will try & keep it as original as possible, practicality & safety will be my main focus.

Just a hint when fitting links. Don’t tighten the stud on the arm at the shock absorber end until the full weight of the car is applied. This ensures the rubber bush is in a neutral state of twist when the car is at rest. If it is tightened at full extension as when raised on a jack, the bush commences life with a pre twist, and then undergoes a further twist on undulations, which shortens their life. The bush at the other end of the link goes through a small angular movement so this is not so critical, however, I usually do both this way just to follow good principles. You can do it by shifting the vehicle weight momentarily from the chassis to the axle, or do it from underneath on ramps after assembly. This applies to any other bush that goes through any angular movement - I found out the hard way when I refitted rubber bushes to a wishbone front suspension and failed to do this. A year later, I was replacing them again.

I have a 2 post hoist so I have two long pieces of hardwood on hydraulic jacks to jack the axle up to normal riding position. Its a bit of a juggle so I may look at lowering the car down onto some car ramps instead.