Rear shocks replacement

Looking for information on replacement of rear shocks thanks

Here you go, labour to get mine done was £400 plus the shocks:

Easiest way I’ve found is to disconnect the rear abs sensor then lower the entire side of the rear suspension/cross member.

Crack loose lower shock bolt

Support subframe with a good jack. Remove the one bolt at rear of diff bracket, three at front corner of subframe.

Lower subframe until the spring relaxes. Pull out lower shock bolt and the 4 bolts at top of shock.

Probably 45 minutes per side.

Thanks to everyone who has posted.
We just replaced rear shocks on the '97 x300, a southern California car with no rusted bolts.
The insulators are separately purchased items bought from a Jag Dealer in California via Ebay.
Car was on jackstands - no problem. Total time was about 4 hours, patience needed. next time will be easier!

The old lower shock bush was very loose and the top insulator was compressed.