Rear suspension torque Help

I’m reinstalling my radius arms and shocks on rear suspension of 88 XJS.

Torque values are as follows:
Big radius arm bushings 40-45 ftlbs
Small bushing (under load): 60-70 ftlbs
Safety plate: 30 ftlbs
Shocks: 35 ftlbs.

I am putting on anti seize. I know with aluminum I should reduce torque by 10-25%. But should I reduce torque here too? Would hate to under torque my suspension.


I have heard that anti-seize should be accounted for, but never really bothered that much to adjust the wrench setting, just erred towards the lower end of the scale. 40+ years of me and CopperSlip, without anything (much) going bad because of it.

Thanks, I looked up torque range in my ROM for XJ-S, and went for low end of range.

I have stripped aluminum threads torquing too much with anti seize.

As it’s impossible to get socket on small bushing bolt once car is sitting on wheels with load with shocks in place, but I can get a spanner on it, just tighten as much as I can with that size wrench? It’s supposed to be 60 ftlbs.

It’s one of those things you get a feel for. Even when you can get a torque wrench on it, use a regular spanner/socket driver as much as you can then use the torque wrench for the last part, but hold the torque wrench at the same place (they’re usually longer) that you were holding the spanner. Then you can get a feel for how much 60ftlbs or 35Nm is, if you were using that spanner.

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