Rear sway bar and Transmission question

(Brad Reynolds) #1

Hi All,
Have a few questions. I am planning to fit a rear (XJS sourced) sway bar to my Coupe. I have the bar and links, but was hoping to re-bush the link-ends. I can only find front sway bar link bushings on various supplier websites. Is it possible that the front and rear links take the same bushings?

As to the tranny, I need to rebuild my BW65, or I could install a rebuilt BW 66 that I see available locally. Are there any issues with installation that may crop up? I assume the gear ratios are the same. Also, are there any improvements in the 66 vs the 65 that I would get in the swap? I am considering installing a 700r4 too, but I see quite a few threads on this so if it comes to that I think I’m informed enough to tackle that.


(Frank Andersen) #2

Changes are minor and rather subtle, Brad…

While most parts are interchangeable, some are not compatible; it is not advisable to ‘upgrade’ the 65 to 66 - unless you are fully conversant with the differences. Put it this way; installing a 66; you will not notice any driving differences - the modifications aimed for improved longevity, which is not really an issue with either box…

Installing the 66 is a straight forward swap - all externals are identical…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Brad Reynolds) #3

Thanks Frank, that will help.

(David Jauch) #4

I can’t comment on the bushes (really nothing out there?), there are some on ebay -|Make%3AJaguar&epid=25019906213&hash=item48bcedce04:g:josAAOSwCHJbCimU or you can call a vendor or search via part number if it is different - but the 66 is a direct swap-in, and has a few improvements (deeper oil pan, stronger shaft,…) so if you have to rebuild the 65 you can also take the 66 instead. Depending on your rebuild. You would want to make sure the transducer is the right one: it sits on the side of the tail end and does differ with gear ratios and there are electric and mechanical ones. The 700r4 is much better but also more complicated. In any event make sure to renew the gearbox mount rubber if it is soft or missing. The metalastic units sag with age and the two thin cups on the spring disappear. The spring can weaken. The bush for the orienting peg would make noises if gone.


(Doug Dwyer) #5

Brad, I used an XJS rear bar and hardware on my Series III.

Jaguar does not list the end link bushings in the XJS parts catalogs. However, I discovered (somehow) that the end links are the same as used on the old XKEs and many Jag vendors sell the bushings for that application. They fit perfectly.


(Brad Reynolds) #6

Thanks Doug - I looked up those XXE bushings on line and they do look right.


(Brad Reynolds) #7

Thanks David, those are urethane bushings - even better.


(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #8

check out Summit Racing. they have both front and rear sway bars, and my be a bit cheaper. I do know the crook that runs V12 performance sells these as a performance package.

as far as bushes are concerned, I caution you about using a poly bush, especially prothane bushes over the OE bush. Replacing the OE bushes with a Poly / urethane replacement does improve that handling but at a cost, and the cost is ride quality. I’ve been down this road, and ended replacing any bush from suspension to frame back to the rubber because I could feel evey pebble in the tarmac through the steering column. Rack poly bushes are a good idea but make the steering a little twichy.

Not all bushes are created the same. I’ve used prothane which I think are too hard, where as the whiteline bush a bit more softer and the best compromise between handling and ride quality.