Rebuilt stock transmission mtl or mt90 redline

(j limongelli) #1

The box came back beautiful .
1967 all new sychros , seals , the works.
Im in New York , do we like MTL for all season or the MT90 REDLINE FLUID.
I just don’t want leaks like a running faucet with the synthetic.
Thanks in advance.

(Dennismo) #2

I know I will be starting something by saying this…

But I think frequent transmission oil changes are more important that the type of oil provided the oil meets the minimum spec.

On a separate note … I just bought an XJ-6 motor for $100 as a spare should I have major engine failure. The crank turns. I have stripped the excess off it, put oil in each cylinder and stuffed grease into all the ports

Dennis 69 OTS

(Ben E) #3

My understanding has always been that MT-90 is for use in cars that originally used 75W-90 or 80w-90 gear oil in their transmission, whereas MTL is for use in cars that use 30wt, or 20W-50 engine oil in their transmissions.

(Mark ) #4

Been using MT-90 for years for years and love it.
I also agree with Dennis about frequent oil changes especially after a fresh rebuild, same for the differential.


(j limongelli) #5

Marco, what part of the country do you live…
Point is we us the 90 in hotter a little thicker.
I just might go with the 90 because even though it gets cold up here , Im driving all over.
I think its pulling hairs between the two compared to the old days and castrol 75/80
That stuff was great but GLUE in the winter.

(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #6

I’ve used MT90 for many years in my manual gearboxes, both standard and overdrive with good results.

(Mark ) #7

I’m in Michigan Joe and don’t drive between November and May.

(Dennismo) #8

When I rebuilt my transmission, I changed the oil at about 500 miles, then again at 1000 miles.
There was a little bit of metal stuff on the magnetic drain plug at 500 miles and virtually none at 1000 miles.
Dennis 69 OTS

(j limongelli) #9

Agreed I’ll go 500 then 1000 as well
It’s a ritual two years or the mileage
I’ve never had major failure
Oil once a year with the vr20/50 unless I’m doing big trips then before and after the big trip
Thanks everyone

(Dennismo) #10

Two year changes is pretty kind to your transmission!

I do every three or four years as my yearly mileage is quite low.

But it does feel good to take car of the car!!

Dennis 60 OTS

(j limongelli) #11

It’s a lot easier with the lift and gives me things to do…
You always find other things during routine maintenance
It is amazing though that break downs are far less or zero if you keep it up

(j limongelli) #12

I agree it’s a lot easier with the lift

Years ago it would have been a bit longer

But it keeps me going and you always find something to tweet

It’s my therapy between curse words


(69 FHC ) #13

Agreed, great stuff. I’ve got maybe 4,000 miles on my rebuilt transmission (now fully ran in) and it shifts like a dream.