Recent sale 1990 XJ6, could they be coming up in value?

This low mileage XJ6 recently sold at auction for $6500. A virtual twin right down to color to my car but with 3K less miles.

When I bought my first XJ40 in 2003 they were still plentiful and so unappreciated. A victim of their own success. A decent one was around £1500 and a minter maybe £2500. I’ve always loved Jaguars and have monitored prices of all models since the 70s .Here in the UK every model from MK2 saloons, S types, XJS, and even E.types have gone through an unloved period of a few years, maybe a decade, before steadily climbing ever upwards in value, I think that’s also the case with XJ40s. They are becoming quite rare here and I’ve seen asking prices for low mileage models as high as £10,000 at some dealers, one dealer has a 22000 miler advertised for £18000. It doesn’t surprise me because they were and always will be fantastic cars to drive and own.

Over here in So Cal, Jaguars from the years 1970 to 1993 are hard to find. Plenty of 1994-2005, with them going at really good prices. My thinking is once a person “sits” inside a Jaguar and sees all the compliments, they fall in love.

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