Recommendation for PPI in Dallas Area

Good afternoon! I am looking at a 120 that is located in Dallas, but am personally located on the east coast and not sure I can visit the car in person. Can anyone recommend a knowledgable person in the area that could do a PPI? Thanks for your help

Charles. That’s your neck of the woods as I recall. I still remember our visit.
Pat H

I would contact the JCNA chapter that includes Dallas, and ask one of their club officers to solicit a recommendation for you from their club’s xk expert.

Pat… Yes, I recall your visit, as well… Good Times & Great Conversation…
With respect to “Dallas”… That place (as well as the Ft. Worth area) has
“over-populated” so much that the once “Thirty minute drive” on the DFW
Turnpike has turned into a “Two Hour Ordeal” (lotsa wrecks!!) From my place
in Johnson County, it now takes OVER two hours just to get to the west side
of Dallas!! (formerly a forty-five minute drive… in my '62 Volvo 122S!)
When I saw the post asking for someone to inspect an XK120 in Dallas, I
gave it a serious thought… BUT (there is always a “but”!)… I’m still “recovering”
from (left) Knee Replacement Surgery, I MUST wear a knee brace to walk and
long-term sitting (driving) causes said knee to stiffen up. PLUS, Carolyn JUST
had her right Hip Replaced on Sept. 29th… She is in a “Rehab Unit” getting physical therapy. The facility is on “visitor lock-out” because Tarrant County is running a 15%
COVID-19 Infection Rate!! I cannot even go to visit Carolyn!! (she has been in the rehab unit for a dozen days!!) Tarrant County’s “infection rate” MUST drop ALL the way down to… wait for it… Eleven Per Cent before the facility will reopen to family visitors!!
Charles. Ch #677556.

Good that the two of you are on the road to recovery. That area has really changed since we lived there in the 70s. I think I remember the Volvo. It was in the shed with your 120. I had to sell the XK8 I was driving …my second Jaguar with failed Nikosil cylinder lining. Have you made progress on the XK120?