Recommended Automotive Machine Shop in Southeast

Hello All,
I’m rebuilding my XK 3.8 engine and will need some machining work done - typical work staring with a hot tank of the block, then boring the cylinders, align-boring the main bearings. I‘d like to perform the rear main seal conversion which will require grinding the sealing surface on the crank, so I’m looking for a good machine shop in the US Southeast to bring it to. Preferably someone with XK engine experience and not too far from the Charlotte, NC area… though I’ll drive a bit for the right place. I’d appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.

Hello Nick, I think Chad Bolles a long time contributor to the Jag-lovers forum is in your neck of the woods. I believe Chad is in South Carolina.

@Dick_Maury will have an answer.

Welcome to the gang!

Benton, Illinois, but there are only a handful of engine builders as knowledgeable as Bill Terry.

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I took my 3.8 to Abacus Racing in Virginia Beach. Contact is Chuck Botwright. Good shop reasonable price.

Glad to find your group. Thanks for the recommendations so far. Sounds like I have a few leads to follow to determine whether it’s worth a longer trip.

I had some cylinder head work done by Coventry West in Atlanta. Wasn’t quick but it was fine job.