Redundant emails

Virtually since the new site came up, I have received an email copy of every post in response to my post, of every post in a thread that I originated, and of every post in private messages. I understand that email is used when the member is not logged in. But I get emails, hundreds of them, when I am logged in (in fact I am rarely not logged in).

I have directed all J-L email into my Junk folder. The problem is that I like to check the junk folder once in a while for misdirected email, but it’s difficult to sort through it when 99 out of 100 emails are from J-L. J-L is wasting bandwidth as well, of course. Not urgent, but if the Admin ever has a moment. Thanks!

Can’t you turn off the e-mail notifications?

Will try, John. Last time I raised this it was with Andrew, who accepted the ball into his court rather than telling me to fix it myself. I think it’s already an error for J-L to send email copies of posts when the recipient is logged in–thus no way to turn it off since it’s not supposed to be on. But maybe I can turn off emails when I’m not logged in–and maybe that will solve the problem.

Should be doable.

Click on your icon in the upper right, up by the search and go to another topic symbols.

Click on the head and shoulders symbol on the far right of the row of four symbols.

Click on “Preferences” when the pop-up menu appears

Click on “E-mail” from the menu on the left of the screen.

Change all the options to “Never”.

Scroll down to the “Save Changes” blue button and click it.

Just did it. I hadn’t even noticed that row of four symbols below my icon. Your instructions were excellent. BTW, my preferences were set to “only when not logged in” (or equivalent). So the site was not correctly using my preferences. I’ll see now what happens. Thanks!

Thanks John. It worked!

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I‘m thinking logged in could be when you’re actually online. I also never sign out. I rarely read the mails and see them as notifications, but for some email-only users this may confuse them. Whatever.

Related to this, am I alone with not always receiving notifications (in the top right avatar) though?
For example, sometimes I don’t get a notification at all if someone likes my posts, but sometimes I do.