Relay Cover Printout 1990 Jaguar Xj40 daimler

Hii all

I remade the relay covers in word (those for under the hood) Mine are ugly and destroyed. Sadly i cannot upload word files here. But if anyone is interested I could send you the file if any of you want it.

I will print them out, laminate them and then glue it onto the relay covers.



Marmo …

Like they say “great minds think alike” because I did the exact same thing a few years back using Adobe Photoshop. Took me a while to get it just right but was worth the time spent (when I get out of my comfort zone with Photoshop it can be a handful :cowboy_hat_face:).

I was worried that the engine heat on a 110 deg day here in Dallas would warp or yellow the plastic laminate but years later they both still look brand new.

The labels you made are so clear and sharp all anyone has to do is take a screen shot of them and then size them accordingly. Good job !

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