Reminder: No Politics Allowed!

Please always keep in mind:

Politics are not allowed anywhere on Jag-lovers outside of the Pub category. That includes comments in passing, “wink wink nudge nudge” type references, artful trolling, screeds, rants, screams of rage, or anything else political in nature.

The reason why so many people enjoy Jag-lovers is because we try to keep it free of the polarization that consumes just about everything these days. That is also the reason why we created the Pub; to create an outlet, to make sure there was no reason to post about politics in any of the Jaguar model categories.

In order to keep the peace, we have no option but to react strongly against anyone who posts about politics in E-Type and the other model categories. Please remember why we’re all here in the first place; to talk about and enjoy our cars.

Finally, if you see someone posting something they shouldn’t, please don’t respond. Instead, simply flag the message and let the admins take care of it.




But can we debate about blue vs red E-Types? :wink:



Youse got an issue with poiple?


Miix 'em up and that is what you get, purple!!!


Is that you, Carl? ……

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