Remove 1973 e-type steering rack

how to remove steering rack on 1973 e-type

Welcome to the forum. I suggest that you follow procedure 57.10.01 described in the Jaguar S3 Service Manual.

Thank you for the information, but my service manual is currently unavailable to me, as I am considering the issue (will not work on rack for several weeks more), so I wonder if you could just briefly answer, particularly as to whether the radiator has to be removed to accomplish removal of the rack. Thank you in advance.

There is “has to”, and there is “wise to” . You don’t mention if your car is a v12, or an auto trans., or power steering.

Sorry, it is a 1973 E-type, V-12, with four speed and power steering. Thanks.

Please be advised that the rack overhaul procedure is written for a RHD car, so if you are in the UK the procedure is as manual. If you have a LHD then be aware that step 2 should be done carefully and note that the long pipe attaches onto the pinion assembly ( step # 4 )at the splined end , and the short pipe fits onto the lower hole. Its easy enough to catch this if you take a photo or note the layout before you get stuck in. On my first foray, I followed the picture o, 57.10.07 page 2, and my steering slammed hard to one side a stayed there !!.

Like any of these jobs, there are tricks with everything…You do not have to remove the radiator, but it would make it easier. Last time I did this job, left the radiator in place and simply disconnected the tie rods, mounting points and column, pretty straight forward. What problems are you having with the rack? Leaking? Coventry West does a great job of rebuilding. JS

IIRC the lower radiator hose has to come out, is the original poster aware that the bonnet will tip up to 90 degrees if the front of the car is elevated about 4-6 inches? The radiator is pretty simple to remove, but I’ve done it without taking it out.

All 73’s had v12s and power steering.

Hi Molly. Not all . Early on there were inline six’s.

Not in 1973s. There were reportedly 6 I6 S3s made for the 1971 Model Year. None after that, unless you know differently…

I stand corrected, just getting my first cup of coffee, in my quick read I confused S3 with 73.

Thank you. The problem is it is leaking. I will look up Coventry West. Thank you for the information. Actually, I am not now working on the car because it is currently in Texas. I am having it shipped to California soon, so just trying to get information about what I will be soon facing. Thank you for the tips, and momentarily i thought I would just remove the radiator, but immediately thought, maybe I will have to remove the hood to do that, which does not appear to be an easy job, so now I am back to considering your other tip to disconnect the tie rods etc. Thank you.

Thank you. I did not know about raising front 4-6 inches to get bonnet/hood to 90 degrees.