Replace non-heated with heated Passenger door mirror

Hey guys,
I cleaned my non-heated passenger door mirror with an abrasive sponge, thinking it was glass. It’s plastic and now the sponges’ scratches show a flare in night time.
So I purchased a replacement mirror but it’s a heated one that has 2 wires attached to the glass/plastic.
There are 2 wires present in the mirror housing that had not been connected to my old unheated mirror, just sitting there dormant.

My question now:
can I connect the new heated mirror to those 2 wires, and will it work, or will that mess up the electric somewhere?


1995 XJR, 150K miles

To my mind, the simple expedient of hooking up a multimeter to the wires in question will answer your question :slight_smile:

I never used a multimeter before.
So if the multimeter detects a voltage between the two wires that sit currently unused in the mirror housing, that means I can hook them up to the new heated mirror glass and won’t have electrical issues?

Yes do connect them up. It won’t do damage.

when you turn the rear window heater on it should in theory heat the mirror, (if relay fitted)