Replacement dash pad availability

The other day I had to stop by my local Jag dealership to make a visit to the parts department. While I was picking up my part, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to ask what the price and availability of a replacement dash pad was for my car.

As anyone who is familiar with these cars is aware, the way the dash pad was manufactured in earlier cars lead to defects across the board. This results in the dash pad bubbling and delaminating from the dash pad frame. To make things worse, it happens to every car. Even cars that haven’t experienced it yet eventually will. Jaguar fixed this after a few years by adding some staples, but it’s little consolation for those of us who own earlier cars.

Well, despite my car having a two tone interior with contrasting stitching, the parts guy said he did have availability on it. And the price you ask… $5832, which would be north of $6000 with taxes. Absolutely insane! If I decide to tackle that job, mine will be going to my local auto upholsterer.

You might contact Just Dashes and see if they could repair the one you have. No interest in this company but just a suggestion;

That’s a good suggestion. I’m familiar with them because they do a lot of dashes in the Mopar world too. I don’t think my upholsterer would have a problem doing the job, but its a good alternative, especially for those who don’t have an auto upholsterer. No matter what, its gotta be better than paying the dealers price!