Replacement for AC idler pulley bearing EAC3042 + pulley carrier EBC1091

Original bearing for AC idler pulley EAC3042 is ridiculously expensive ~140eur so decided to develop an alternative option. Bearing will come with preinstalled pulley carrier so it it will be much easier to install :wink: and yes it will still be cheaper then original :slight_smile: By the way pulley carrier is also still available new from Jaguar for another 160eur :open_mouth:



Is this the assembly that replaces the air pump? How is your design different than the original, other than cheaper? It looks the same as the item in the diagram. Are you going to end up offering the lever too? That can just be cut out of a solid block of aluminum, can it not? Probably cheaper?

At this rate he will be making whole new cars soon!

Nice! Did you make sure that the bearing is the same type as original. I cut the original open when I replaced mine …it is quite a “nuggety” roller bearing at the front with a ball race at the rear…especially designed for moderate overhanging loads…

Y’all might want to submit suggestions for stuff you’d like.

Very nice John!
I ripped out the guts of my air pump but I would love to get this set up shown in the diagram but I couldn’t find all the parts at a reasonable price.

Need one .
Price and availability.

75eur including shipping, but sold out at the moment. I can make another batch if there is a demand for them

Can’t remember but has anyone developed a serpentine belt system for the xjs



Can’t remember but has anyone developed a serpentine belt system for the xjs.

Yes, for 5.3L V12.
One PK6 belt to drive alternator, PS pump, aircon.
The coolant pump and fans have to be electric.
It takes a fair bit of work to do it all.
There is a photo of this somewhere in the archives, not sure what the topic was.

Work in progress… :wink:

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Are you painting the flanges after pressing them onto the bearings? Why?

Hi John, I’d like one these please, do you still have some from your batch??

Is the pulley on the air pump the same as the pulley on the idler? So you can just reuse your original pulley? Or do you have to buy a pulley to replace your air pump with this idler arrangement?

I have one of these. Excellent quality. Uses the airpump pulley. Fits the original bearing holder great.

I can use everything original apart from the bearing which is obviously on its way out and has quite a bit of back lash and is noisy…

Hi, yes I keep those in stock. I will send you PM with more details.

Yes you can use the pulley from the smog pump. That’s what I did on my car.

I need one of these can I pay now via PayPal? I have your email address still

Hi John,

Need one of this to replace on my existing one that has some play.

Could you give me email or how we can proceed?