Replacement for AC idler pulley bearing EAC3042 + pulley carrier EBC1091

Hi John are you still selling these baearings for the AC pulley? I live in the Netherlands. Thanks greetings Woody Maijers.
+31 653330367

I also need a new bearing for the AC idler pulley. Do you still have any?

Hi,yes I do. Do you need only the bearing or the whole assembly?

I just need the bearing. Mine squeaks like a stuck cat.

Hi John
Is the bearing assembly on your ebay store?
I would like to purchase one.
How much for the whole pulley assembly?

275eur including shipping to US or Canada via FedEx.

Just an update reg. Idler bearings. It turns out that there was a change made by Jaguar during the years and Pulley mounting bolts where changed to metric and beefed up to M8. I have made new pulley carriers that will fit both types: