Replacement Gas tanks xk140

I recently purchased a new gas tank. My existing one is pretty rusted. My concern is that the mount for the sending unit is not in the correct position, the fuel sending unit sits at an angle in the tank. The vendor is telling me it should be ok as long as it faces up. For the kind of money they are charging for these tanks I would expect it to be spot on to the original. I’m I expecting too much here?

You bought a cheapy and from what i have seen of them even the steel is not good quality.
Apart from end panels wrong probably not providing enough support hopefully they have baffles inside.
And yes the fuel send will be doing funny things
Return ut buy a good from SNG Barratt UK

Was this from the maker in Chula Vista?

If so, PM me.

I assure you it was not cheap. SNG Barratt tank is same product C8352 as this seller. Same issue?

It was not from Chula Vista, was from San Luis Obispo.

No there’s have the correct ends and positive do not have sender twisted

I was on SNG web site. The tank for the 150 looks like it has the correct ends, but the 140 tank looks the same as I got. But I’ll try it.

I am sure the 140 tank will have correct ends as the 140 tank is the same as early 150 tank and both have same part number C8352

My vendor took back the incorrect tank.
I received my new tank this weekend, and thanks Terry, its just as advertised. Very nice tank and $200 cheaper.


I’m certainly no expert but thought you may appreciate my recent encounter with replacing an XK120 fuel tank. Tank has been ordered and is about to be professionally installed.

The advice I received from several restoration guys is that even when you source a high quality tank, there can be challenges when it comes to fitting (not always). Apparently the cavity for the tank has reasonably fine tolerances which can make fitting the new item challenging, where there has been damage over the years, collisions etc. Other things that may slow one down is getting the exhaust off and getting the plumbing between the fuel line and tank to marry up. I quickly figured out that while it is ‘just a storage tin’, there’s a lot involved in successfully removing and installing the new item, particularly if you were to attempt it at home using jack stands or ramps. Hope this helps.

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It went in great, no problems.

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Body off?

That’s cheatin’!


hopefully you are putting clips on the fuel line
before you put body make sure you run electrical cable from front through chassis to fuel tank sender

That’s a ways down the road but will do.
thanks again.

If you are using the original type pincher clips that push into holes in the chassis, the way to install them is to twist and push, they will not just push straight it.

so you got your new tank from SNG? what was the price?

Yes, from SNG. The price was $750.

thanks for update