Replacement heater control operating mechanism

Hello everybody, I was fitting my dash up to go in the car when I realised the control at the back of the dash is missing for the heater on / off (another part left in Blighty !) so now I need to source one or make one, does anybody have a spare or can somebody supply the dimensions to create one ?

I would suggest that you make the connecting rod. It has a T shape at each end where it slots into the control part in your photo and also into the similar slotted part on the water tap that passes through bulkhead. You can retain the shaft at each end with tightly fitting short length of rubber tubing. As to the rheostat, I think you’ll find that only use it as an ON/OFF switch so it doesn’t matter that the resistive part is functional.


Here are some photos of the assembly on a spare Mark V unit. I am unsure of dimensions for your application. If you are in need of this spare unit, let me know. I may also have a Mark V connecting rod with T shape that Peter mentions. Please let me know if I should search for the rod.

Thank you both, Roger, I have the rod with the T ends but I would like to purchase the controller from you, the control knob is different but I think I can adapt it , Please PM me with what you require for the unit
Thank you both for you input much appreciated

Hi Mike, let’s make sure the controller dimensions will fit your dash assembly. I can tell there is at least some difference of the one I can supply versus the one in your photos. Let’s do the dimension questions PM. In terms of “what you require for the unit”, pushrod people know my only requirement if I offer a part is “goodwill”.

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Here is the control rod for my Mark V.

overall length 15-1/2"
rod diameter 3/16"

end tees diameter 1/8"
flex section diameter 1/4"
length 2"

The two rods are inserted into the flexible section and welded all around.
Near as I can estimate their length, the short rod was 4" and the long rod was 11", leaving about 1/2" of flexing length in the middle.