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I had a pre-purchase inspection done on the 2002 V6 S-type I recently purchased. Among other things, I was told the a/c compressor is leaking and that I need to replace it. On Rock Auto I found two compressors in the $190.00 to $240.00 range. On E-bay I found a wide variety of offerings, some as low as $100.00. A number of the E-bay compressors were listed as “Lncoln LS, fits Jaguar S-type.” I understand many Lincoln LS parts fir the S-type, but I’ll bet there is room for some confusion.
The bush I am beating about is this: I would greatly appreciate some advice as to which compressor to buy. I don’t mind paying a little more for better quality, but I’d rather not pay more unnecessarily.

Also, I would be grateful for any instructions for removing the compressor. My plan is to replace the compressor myself, then take it to a reputable a/c shop and have them charge it.

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I thought maybe someone else would answer first. Maybe nobody has replaced their compressor yet. Mine has 224,000 miles and still working.
First, are you sure it is really the compressor? Could it be a leak in the hose at the connection joint?
I have had good service from Rock Auto on many S-type parts, most recently shock absorbers, and most are also for Lincoln LS and Thunderbird. I believe the engine is virtually the same. I would buy from someone who will allow a return or exchange just in case the compressor is somehow different.

Unless you’re familiar with the economy brand a/c compressor, I’d stick with an OEM or equivalent model. Most of the cheaper compressors are knock-offs of the original. The OEM compressor will typically be a standard model like a Sanden or a Denso unit. The cheaper clones will say “Sanden” or “Denso” but will really be replicas. (check the fine print.)

Many of these cheaper replicas will work fine, especially if they come from a reputable aftermarket A/C company. But they may be a bit noisier or less refined than the OEM original. This has happened to me for other brands of car, though the compressor’s been running reliably for years. In the worst cases, they’re junk and will fail pretty quickly.

If the A/C compressor is difficult to remove (often the case with cramped modern engine compartments) I wouldn’t consider any replacement whose reputation is uncertain. It’s not worth the $150 USD savings IMHO. Throw in the cost of evacuation and charging of the system (at least $50-75 USD, probably a lot more) and the savings could turn out to be false ones. I suppose if you’re prepping for a quick sale it might be an option, provided the cheap unit lasts that long.

If the replacement is a substitute (Denso for Sanden/OEM or vice versa) you’re in good shape and can save a bit of money. I’d probably go with Denso if it’s OEM, or a exact-fit replacement (I like Denso’s compressor technology) if prices are similar.

Hi Michael, I am new to the sight and I have an s-type 2005 with a/c issues. Took to my neighborhood dealer and spent $600 for a new compressor + $490 in labor. Stills is blowing hot air after the second or third stop and start up. It went back to day for the third time. I have gone to youtub and have seen where the CCV or the Dual Coolant Flow Valve Unite my be the cause. I will see what the dealer is going to say.
I am finished going to the dealership for supposedly professional help. Do you have an insight on what i have written?

You can step through the procedures listed here:


Hi Dave!

Thank you for this information. I managed to deal with the compressor already.

Thanks again!

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Hi Marilyn!

Happily for me, I have not experienced the problem you are dealing
wish. I eschew the dealer at all costs and try to fix it myself (if it
is REALLY simple) or find a qualified and fair independent to take
care of any issues.

Good luck!

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