Replacing flex disc

Hi everyone.

This is the current state of the flex disc and I plan to replace it in the near future.

A few questions: is there a brand that you recommend or any aftermarket would work?
Is there enough space for the rear bolts (their head facing the diff.) to slide back to clear the disc?
Thanks in advance.

The Jurid Coupler needs to have the propshaft moved foreward to replace.
The centering peg will interfere with a ‘dropdown’ replacement even if the bolts did not clear.

Inspect the prop shaft center bearing while you are at it. When I had an XJ 40, I went through a couple of Jurids before discovering the bearing was shot.

Thanks guys. The center bearing feels good but will inspect it. My car is 94 MY, 4L, US model.

Take note of the orientation of the Jurid as well, you need the thicker sections under compression when the car is moving forward.

Thanks Robin. I’ve read it few times here that it’s important how the disc is installed. I hear a clunking noise when I shift in reverse but I don’t know if it’s the disc or the diff. bearing.