Replacing fuel pump with newer version

Hey guys!

Quick question about the fuel pump on my 1978 pre-HE XJ-S. As seen on the picture the original pump is a different model than the one I ordered at SNG Barratt (CBC5657). According to SNG the new pump should fit, but is it just a matter of stripping the original wires and connect them to the positive and negative? No adjustments to be made anywhere else? The location of the fuel hose is in another place as well so just making sure I’m not missing anything.

Looking at the pump in the plastic bag, that looks to me to be a submersible type, willing to be wrong but?

No, it’s external but the later style and same as the XJ SII - SIII.

It should work fine.

Awesome, thanks again Aristides!

Please take the time to replace all of the fuel hose in your trunk area while you are in there. If it is all original then at 45 years old it should all be replaced for safety reasons. Attached are pictures showing the fuel system components in our 1990 XJ-S convertible with that newer style fuel pump. The fuel hose is wrapped pretty tight and I used an EZ-Coil to relieve the strain at the sharp turn from the sump tank to the fuel pump due to fuel pump cavitation that I heard while driving while the engine stumbled.

BTW, the second picture shows the damage to the trunk after a rear end collision in December 2023. I am stripping the car now in preparation for repair and repaint.


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Thanks for the tips Paul! Especially a good one concerning that EZ-Coil, didn’t think of that.

Shame about the damage to the trunk, will you be repairing and painting it yourself?

If all goes well the car will be towed to a shop next week for the repairs. Dealing with my insurance company over a fair and reasonable settlement has been a challenge but I think we are getting close. I have been stripping the car of the bumpers, lights, grill, mirrors, wipers, and some of the interior components in preparation for the repairs both to save money on the repairs, but also to avoid having the shop damage, paint or misplace components in the repair process. I will also be provided a lot of the replacement parts to the shop instead of having them spend time and money on the replacement parts.



Wow , I forgot about all the damage to your car Paul. I hope all goes well and you can get it sorted with your insurance company.

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Good to hear you’re on top of it all, best of luck Paul!

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