Resetting Hazard Mode

Hi there,

I have a 1995 XJ6; drives like charm (130K miles, still counting good).

Back from winter, often the hazard system kicks in - break light works but the computer senses it otherwise! This warning comes and goes after sometime, when I press the hazard switch. But, sometimes, the hazard status stays on with the headlight and the fog light remain on, even after I turned off the car! I have to disconnect the battery terminal when I park, and reconnect when I resume driving (with the status still on) LOL. Is there a way to reset this state? Do I have to use OBD to do that? Can I try shorting the terminals safely?

** Dangerous stuff: I did notice, on this hazard mode, the starter motor is turned on at neutral and park when the engine is idling - does this mean that the Body Processor Module is fired?