Restoration Blog for my MkIV

When I did a full nut and bolt restoration of my Etype (and I do all the work myself in a domestic garage) - I wrote a regular blog to track its progress and to provide reference material for other restorers. I then did similar for my 1935 Riley Special.

I have just started producing a blog for my newly purchased 1946 3.5ltr Saloon and I was wondering if people are interested in my posting a cut down version of the new blog on this forum. The car has not been on the road since the mid 70’s and it needs a LOT of work so the blog will cover bodywork, mechanics, trimming, wiring etc. I will almost certainly be asking a lot of questions as I have no previous knowledge of these wonderful cars.

Right now I am re-build the passenger seat frame which is just a solid chunk of rust…

What are the thoughts please? Would that be useful / of interest or not?

Oh and if anyone knows of other restoration blogs for a MKIV - please reply here as I am looking for reference material…

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Welcome- one of the best and friendliest with active forums so if you don’t mind lots of very interested people looking over your shoulder…
I have no mechanical background but picking the brains on here been fun and over the last 2 years got quite a lot done with my car. Really useful for finding elusive options when the spares run out!

I don’t have a blog but my website includes some articles I wrote many years ago for the SS Register of the Jaguar Drivers Club. SS Jaguar (


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Hi Peter,
Thank you for responding, I will take a look at the site - all information I useful to me at the moment :slight_smile:

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Hi Chris,

I get the impression that you are starting from a real wreck but that you have a good skill set to deal with it. It would be interesting to see some overall views of the car as it was when you first bought it.


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Here you go sir :slight_smile:


One careful owner?? :laughing:
Good luck- going to be interesting

I look forward to following this!

I have not seen a blog for Mark IV restoration and it would be most welcome to see you make one.

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I like the ”Superlife” battery. :slight_smile: And is the HX7317 reg plate for that MK IV or some other car?

I have recently rebuilt a MK IV 3 1/2 Litre engine, #SL2199 from late 1947 I think. It’s in my 1950 MKV DHC. Lots of different threads with photos on this site too.


HX7 317 is on something else.
But I did manage to keep the original registration of the MKIV :slight_smile:


Looks like a challenging project. I have restored a Mk V DHC and a Mk IV DHC, both LHD. It’s fun and challenging, so I’ll be viewing the progress with delight.