Returning Member, I: Ahoy!

Good to be back.
Patience, please, I’ve forgotten many of the “P’s & Q’s” so allow me a little time to settle back in to good citizenship.
Well, I need to resume where I left off with the 12-cyl. in the '92 XJS (F.I. not, Carburetted). (I feel like I am in a cinema serial ( When we last seen…).

=> Driver car when there is not snow, ice nor salt. Have Twelve, Will Travel.

May I ask please, the following:

  1. What is/are the names of the preferred services to re-build the fuel rails/injectors ? My recollection is there was one shop in particular that had multiple recommendations. The shop offered a range of services from minimal to full R&R.
  2. Another naive and vague question: Is there consensus on the best oil filter/oil filter set-up ? When I did the first oil change on the XJS, the filter I removed was significantly larger than the replacement. I am a fanatic on oil changes. Is the relatively smaller replacement perfectly useable ? Should I seek the No Longer Referenced larger filter ? Should I consider some type of reconfiguration to install a remote filter ? I am a fanatic on oil changes.

Thank you.

Greater Metro Chicago, Ill; U.S.A.

Hi Richard,

For the injectors, SD Faircloth is the man…

For the oil filter, in principle the bigger the better as it would have more filter area, but also depends on the brand and quality of the filter.
I have used both long and short filters and did not see any difference, but the only way to really assess would be to do a chemical analysis.

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WIX 51231 is the larger oil filter and is readily available in the US; don’t know about the ROW. It fits on my ‘88 5.3L without difficulty. WIX always scores high on filter comparisons.

I’m a fan of the AC Delco PF964 filter. It’s the big can and I usually pick up several when I order from RockAuto. I have 3 or 4 sitting on the shelf if you need one ASAP - western suburbs checking here.

I have used S. David Faircloth and recommend him without reservation

Thank you for the injector and oil filter information.
Best Regards,
Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.

Thanks !

Best Regards,
Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.

Thank you/
Best Regards,
Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.

Best Regards,
Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.

Hello, All:
Thank you, sincerely, for the advice.
I’ve contacted S. Davide Faircloth; and, the trip to NAPA for the larger oil filters is on Saturday’s To Do List.
FYI: CarQuest filter (small), according to CarQuest documentation, cross-references to the XJS 12 cyl. and to the (contemporary) S-Type V8. Go figure.
All the best,
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro, Illinois; U.S.A.