Reversing sensor replacement

Hi after reading your tips on checking if the sensors are working, I have one that isn’t. It’s the 2nd on in on the offside.
How hard or easy is it to replace​:thinking::thinking: and can I get away with just replacing the one.?
I have a continuous beep when I put it in reverse and they don’t work.
I hoping I don’t need to remove the bumper :grimacing::grimacing:

You can just replace a single sensor and can get at the two outboard ones by removing the rear light cluster. It’s fiddly but I’ve done it. Couldn’t see how to reach the inboard ones without taking the bumper off but maybe someone else has a way.

Thank you
I’ll see what I can do without breaking anything :joy:

Before you go too far try giving the sensor(s) a spray with WD40 or similar and wipe them clean.

Hi. Thanks but I tried that after reading a tip on the site… it didn’t work😬