Rod bearings for MK V

I have an early MK V 2.5L engine with aluminum rods which is in need of big end rod bearings. According to the book, the original ones were Glacier S7583M which are the ones in the engine now. While bearings for the 3.5 and XK120 are the same and can be had for $65, these are different. I have found one place that wants $200 for a set but am hoping to find them a bit more reasonably priced.
Any suggestions?


@ptelivuo and @Rob_Reilly may have your answer.

Here are the sizes from the Mark V Service Manual.
The pushrod engines were originally sourced from Standard, so I wonder if any Triumphs used the same bearings?
One approach might be to go through catalogues from Clevite and Vandervell and find some other engine that uses the same size.

The 1½ litre only used steel rods and the dural rods have the spiggots (Tangs) in a different place. Less of a problem is that small end oil feed is in a different place too.


Rob, I see now that you already came to my assistance with this problem. I’ll see if I can track down bearings that you suggested.