Roger Bywater, AJ6 Engineering

I have been trying to contact Roger at AJ6 for a month now and haven’t heard anything back. I sent him 2 ECU’s to check out. If anyone knows anything, it he is ok or just swamped, please let me know.



Hope he’s OK, but I would bet he is SWAMPED. I sent him my ECU in January, he said it would be a few weeks, but I didn’t get it back until early April! He would respond to my emails about every two weeks, just saying how busy he was.

I’ll bet he retires soon, so get your work done now!

I have sent him few ECU’s as well… One was sent 7 months ago and second 2 months ago :slight_smile: I have told Roger that I’m not in a hurry so I don’t have any complaints :slight_smile: We do exchange emails from time to time. In his last mail he mentioned that he has to finish few jobs in progress and then he will have a session with 16CU ECU’s and will go through all of them at once.

Per an email he sent me he is swamped.

Well, good to know he is just busy and not ill. I sent him an enhanced 6cu and a 16cu about 2 months ago. Told him no hurry but it seems that wouldn’t have mattered? Thinking it would only be at the most a few months.

Thanks for the info guys.


He is a one-man operation in his 70s. We’re quite lucky to have him.


Oh, I agree completely! I hope or wish he had an apprentice to keep this going but most likely not. At least he has written down so much of his knowledge and history for us.