Roofracks modern cheap units avaliable?

I have a small inflatable boat and my dream for this year is to drive to the lake with the boat strapped on top of my XJ40.

However i have troubles finding a roofrack kit for a xj40. old genuine jaguar units are either broken, not avaliable or 500$.

Do any of you know a modern roof rack kit that fits the xj40?

If so i would appreciate some info.

Of course u will also get pics of my boat on the xj40 during summer times :slight_smile:
Cheers Marmo

Hundreds of different types on Amazon; I’m sure there would be one that would work?

Okay, sadly i have no idea what type or lenght I should serach for.
Maye some universal type. I’ll try to find one

Marmo …

Here’s the universal roof rack that I purchased years ago and It’s been outstanding. Very sturdy and easy to install and take off. You name it and I’ve probably carried it with this rack over the years. Although I like to think my Jag is still in showroom condition my motto is “Show it on Sunday, work it on Monday”

Although I can’t remember what the brand is it looks almost exactly like this one …


Hey Grooveman

Thanks a lot! I will try to find this, if anyone has a link to one I’d appreciate it, preferably amazon or ebay :slight_smile:

Just got the registration for my small inflatable boat, cant wait to see it on my xj40 :smiley:

But first i gotta fix the leaking oil filter housing, and its winter anyways… So i got lots of time