ROTTEN B**TARD Car Wizard!

I just got dome watching this video on youtube:

The CAR WIZARD shares the top JAGUARS TO Buy & NOT to Buy

And at 6:02 in the video he talks about what mid-size Jaguar NOT to buy and I was VERY surprised and unhappy to discover he was talking about XJ40 cars.
Just prior to that he says the mid-size Jaguar to buy is the 1998 -2003 XJ8
He says that Jaguar ruined the styling of the XJ40 cars and that the cars are terrible to diagnose because they have no trouble codes to assist with diagnosing EFI problems.
And this is why he does not recommend them.
I was gnashing my teeth during this so I just had to come over here and let out my frustration.

I saw that video too. He also mentioned distributor problems with the V12 that were inaccurate. He is usually very good about this stuff but I think he doesn’t have enough experience with older jags to properly make this video.

Yeah, At the beginning of the video he says there were no small Jaguars prior to the X-Type. So he doesn’t have a clue about the classic MK1 and MK11 sedan cars that were “small” for their time compared to the MK10.

BTW, he is correct about the Lucas distributors in the 5.3L V12 engines. The heat in the center of the V12 does tend to cook the grease that is supposed to lubricate the advance weight mechanisms inside the distributor so the advance weights tend to freeze up if they are not regularly maintained.

Any idiot with no experience on the XJ40 can spout nonsense on youtube, all you need is a camera and a computer. This twat is no exception. He has obviously never worked on an XJ40 or he would know about the VCM and the 40’s built in code reader


He really has zero experience with these cars. The only factual statement made here is that the new Jaguars look like Nissan Altimas and have lost their classic look. Everything else is just absolute garbage.

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Stuff like that used to annoy me too, now I just shrug and ignore it. If he’s of the opinion Jaguar ‘ruined the styling’ he’s obviously not going to like much else about the car.
If a possible future buyer of an XJ40 is put off by what he says, then that’s their own fault for believing everything they see on the internet is true !

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Not to mention he called these cars X300.

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Sounds like one of our resident experts, who have knowledge of how to make videos, has an opportunity to do a one-to-one rebuttal.