Rotunda VCM suit 1996 X300

My X300 (XJR) requires “Oxygen sensor orientation”.
I have the required Legacy IDS on the appropriate laptop, however I do require a Rotunda VCM to connect through to the car.
They are very hard to come by, none on E Bay at present. Plenty of Chines clones available, however they usually do not work.
Does anyone out there have one available or know of one that may be available.
I am in Australia so postage will be required.

John - 1996 XJR

A guy CAMBO on the Jaguar Forums used to sell reclaimed MAZDA Rotunda VCMs. He has a shop in Sydney, Australia.

Maybe he has one left?

IDS118.5 is the final version of IDS, SDD began with 119.

You can use SDD 125 or later with a DrewTech Mongoose Pro or similar ‘pass-through’ device.