Rough Idle X351 V6 AWD

Our late model X351 is a V6 AWD. I find the idle rough compared with our old X350 V8. It is set at 600 rpm and I have put fuel injector cleaner in several times with a fill up .I always turn the stop start feature off as I don’t like its reaction time .
Any other owner have the same problem.
Kim R.

Since I never owned the V8, I can’t tell if the V6 is “rough” in comparison. However, if you suspect a problem the first step is to scan for fault codes. The Check Engine warning tends to be triggered only by emissions-related issues and fault codes can exist even if no dash warning appears.

We have just sold our X350 4.2 V8 and have a 2012 5 litre V8 jag XK convertible . Both had a smooth idle , barley notice the car was running . However since posting , I have been using Lucas fuel injector cleaner , and have noticed a big difference , in our XJL V6 supercharged . Much smoother idle , so will continue with putting one in, the next 2 fillups . Spoke to my mechanic at my Jag dealership and he mentioned with the V6 engine it was important to keep the fuel injectors clean . Always use premium gas to minimise the ethanol content , which I dont think helps .
Would have preferred the 5 litre V8 , but it was not available here in Canada at the end of the run of the XJL.