Rubber against outside of door glass Mk10

Sorry for not spending time digging the forum, but what is the name of the company in Australia that sells these? The ones from SNG are 15% too thick, and wont enter the chrome profile.

you want 216.036 weather strip outer $1.8m length for $19.91$ AUD

That would not even buy 2 beers in a bar in Scandinavia?

1.8m is enough to do 6 doors

let us know if he has it in stock, they are a very small mom & pop operation, and he makes his own extrusions

+1 for Scottsoldautorubber I’ve bought stuff from them a few times and always been happy with the fit.

Thanks Tony, and Andy. Inow remember what happened: I did buy it a few months ago, but it got stuck in Swedish customs. So I paid VAT and import tax. They then sent it to my local post office which only kept it for 14 days, before sending it back to the sender😡. I was away during that period, and therefore missed it. So annoying!!
Are there other parts which I should but which he is somewhat unique in providing??

I fitted his rear screen seal, it comes as a length not a loop

Someone on here recently fitted the very long “rubber on body” stuff, was having trouble getting supply, and I advised him to try Scotts, they advertise it.

From memory, I think the gent was succesful, although I cant recall he provided a full de-brief to us long-suffering 420G owners

You will have to search the archives, but it was within the last 12mnths 420G or MKX
“seal on body”

I have these seals, but not yet fitted, as I first have to “remake” the shitty little c-channel it runs in, this section is a rust trap on the horizontal door opening…some people grind it right off!

I have a better plan

still waiting for special glue to turn up for the qtr vent seal operation

Tony sorry for not reporting back on the “Seal on Body” from Scott Rubber. They had it in stock and provided a quality product. It fit well and was a lot easier to install than I thought it would be.

Jim (65 - 4.2 liter Mk X)

Sounding stupid, but what product is this?


Door seal (on body) - front/rear 260.024 $13.30/m 16m

this is a seal made in 3 parts that fits in a groove on the body, all around the A.B,C pillars
the mid seal is 12ft long

there is a separate seal kit that goes on the doors, that goes in the door chrome channel.

when the doors are shut, these seals press against each other

I dont see them listed at Scotts, I got mine from Jagdaim Australia.

afaic, they are available ex-UK ebay, and other suppilers, I doubt they are unique to MKX

Thanks Jim for the confirmation that Scotts have the item in stock and it fits well

It would be well to support this supplier, he has immense knowledge, gets the seals extruded himself, once he is gone, we might be back to square one

Oh, I just call them rubber door seals. A pain to fit on the A-pillar, and the horizontal section towards the big elbow below the front screen…:fearful: