Rubber Coupling Between Upper and Lower Steering Shafts

I posted the following on the Saloon Forum, but I believe that my MK 1 problem is the same for a XK since the part number is the same. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The rubber ‘doughnut’ that couples the upper splined shaft exiting the steering column to the lower shaft going to the steering box via upper and lower flanges or ‘yokes’ on a MK 1 (and MK 2) needs a center-to-center spacing of 15/16" for its bolt holes to match the spacing of the threaded holes in the flanges. The old rubber (cracked) doughnut has bolt holes spaced at 15/16" that match the flanges. The rubber ‘doughnut’ that SNG Barrett sold me for this purpose has bolt hole spacings of 2 1/8" which is far beyond any way of fitting. The factory parts manual states that the doughnut part number is C10836/1.


I don’t know of a rubber coupling on a s1 ?

Hi Lowell…the rubber coupler needs to be compressed when you fit it to get the holes to line up…see the instructions in the photo…Steve

Yes, same on XK150.
Did SNG send you the wrong part?

Hi Lowell,
I have replaced that same part on my MK IX’s and they fit without any alignment problem. My suggestion is to return the part and seek one from another supplier that is correct. The idea of compressing it with a band clamp may allow you to install it but the rubber will then be loaded up in compression and not do its job properly, I would think.

Tom Brady

I would very much doubt that that kind of Rotoflex coupling could be compressed by over 1"!!

Hi Roger…think the original poster got his measurements wrong…or were talking about different things…Steve

UPS!!! Should be 1 15/16 .

On the 150 it is a real PITA. I have done it on 2 cars. Problem is that the 2 columns attached to the coupling don´t line up, which they do on the Mk9.
Beware of new screws being too short, vs the deep seats in the coupling. I ended up buying new parts from another vendor. Don’t recall where.

Thanks to all for your constructive comments. We ended up first compressing the ‘doughnut’ with a hose clamp so all the holes aligned with the flanges and it was easy to screw in the bolts. The doughnut was then partially attached to the two shafts in the car and the hose clamp removed. Finishing the tightening was difficult because the shafts meet an an angle of around 20degrees which distorts the rubber doughnut a lot, much more than the initial compression with the hose clamp, so this initial compression could not have hurt the doughnut. I attach a photo of the hose clamp compressing the doughnut. Anyone know what kind of clamp this is?


Hi Lowell…on the xk150 the coupling is straight between its two fittings the shaft angle is taken up by the universal joint at the steering rack end…see diagram in an above post…is this not the same on your MK1…Steve…ps it could just be the fitting order thats causing problems…assembly could be from the bottom up…so rack, lower column. Coupling, upper column etc…rather than just fitting the coupler in the middle

That looks like a Jubilee clamp.
They are highly prized by some restorers, particularly the SS100 owners.

Still going strong…

…and still in Gillingham, Kent

The hose clamp is a Cheney clamp. …not a Jubilee…worth quite a few quid (bucks) if you look on ebay…much sought after for originality by restorers…Steve

It is indeed a real Cheney. Probably worth more than the rubber doughnut that it was compressing. I used it because I had no other clamp that large.