Rubber Shift Boot - Small Freebie

Hi Everyone,

I seemed to have developed a bad habit of acquiring parts for an intended project and then taking quite some time to finally get around to it (like years🤔), and then discover that some parts, for various reasons, aren’t right.

Anyway, I had to reorder the correct rubber shift boot to fit my ‘68 S 1.5 2+2. So, if anyone needs this part for a S1, just contact me pm and I will be happy to drop it in the mail to you. This is the rubber gaiter that goes under the leather boot, and is shaped a bit like a toilet plunger (part # BD-27500).


Thanks Skip,
Thanks for the kind gesture. I don’t need one but surely someone would be able to use it.
Take care
Cale Town

Before you give it away, are you sure that is not the correct boot? The one listed on the sng site for a series1.5 2+2 is the same part number. I was only aware of 2 style boots for e types- that one and a different shape for the series 3.

Thanks, Geoff. Yes, I am sure as I have already reordered and installed the correct one. It wasn’t SNG, but I do suspect it was the original vendor who made the error.

BTW, I should have mentioned in the original post that I reside in the USA.